Past show featured.........

August 23rd and 24th
Special Guest -
Summer Sanders

Summer Sanders is U.S. Olympian Swimmer (from the 1992 summer Olympics in Atl.- won 2 gold, one silver and one bronze medal) and TV Host of Fox's "Skating with Celebrities" and "NBA, Inside stuff".

Also in this show, Musial guest Joshua James

"Joshua James has something to say, and he uses his arresting voice to deliver his message. "The New Love Song" talks about the overabundance of superficial "love" songs, and presents other priorities that we face in our troubled times. "Geese" addresses the environment, and "Our Brother's Blood" is a commentary on the U.S. presence in Iraq. All of these songs have meaningful, insightful lyrics, that are complimented by Joshua's compelling vocal delivery and performance."

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